Sunday, 8 July 2012


Tennis is an emotional game. Tears and tribulations were played out in the centre court this afternoon as Federer won against Murray. The court were behind Murray and when tears fell as he lost they were still cheering.  Rain has been non stop this week in London and I nearly have had enough. Coming so close yet it wasn't enough. The pressure of playing at Wimbledon is tough. Murray our British hope lost to the number one champion in the world, who at 30 is still playing like the star he is.
I have always been a fan of Nadal but of course grass is not his scene and he it is not ever going to be his terrain.

Life has moved on so grab your children while you can as when they leave home it is so different and the Summers empty as they keep themselves busy with their interests.
In any case it gives me time to play on the internet speaking to people with fake names and three photographs.  I find my life funny as I go to events and people come up to me and talk to me as if they know me, but they don't, they are fans of my blog or friends on facebook.

When it rains on court I can quickly switch to my facebook to see the latest update.  

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