Wednesday, 4 July 2012


What is all this nonsense keeping someone like Ian Brady alive?. He has been starving himself for twelve years or so. He viciously killed five children for sexual gratification, and now political correctness keeps him alive?.  Has anyone listened to the screams of the children. He is force fed and we prolong his life rushing him into hospital.  This is terrible when he shortened other innocent lives?. 
Brady is on police guard and given preferential treatment. These sort of expenses and stupidities should be stopped immediately. 
Is this necessary when parts of England people are poverty stricken and  are waiting for urgent medicine which they won't live long enough to get?. They are at  the end of the list.
What about the children's home in Margate where fifteen sex offenders live in the same street? When there are so many cutbacks ,why isn't the government dealing with these ridiculous situations? 
We complain about the bankers but this is even more unnecessary expenditure. Brady wants to die, he is hardly going to be let off, to walk the street again, so kill him.

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Foggy Duc said...

Absolutely wholeheartedly couldn't agree more. Why have we paid to look after scum like this for all these years? Why? What possible good could come of keeping somebody like this alive? He doesn't deserve to live and this country needs to recognise the huge cost for no return that goes into keeping criminals like this. Keeping him fed, watered, warm and medical treatment really makes a huge mockery of this country and it makes me feel ashamed to live here.