Thursday, 19 July 2012


Resolving problems with girlfriends can be like walking barefoot on fire.  Last night I bicycled all the way to Abbotkinney.  I then came back and had my only drink for a month, a Margarita. After one sip I realised why I do not drink, and why I hate being with people who do.  Suddenly an argument happened about a story that was four years old, and the flames of the fire engulfed all of us. 
Having got rid of all boyfriends, I shall now open the door again bring them all out out of the cupboard.
I was really quite excited yesterday, I was meeting a man from who I had no idea what his name was, there was something alluring about this.  I met him a week ago.  I got dressed in my favourite dress, I did my hair, and I actually liked him which was a big miracle. Things did not quite turn out as I expected.  The man with no name didn't turn up.  I am installed in a new hotel, done up and waiting for, I do not know what?.  Little goes to plan in life. I suddenly decided to run away and am going to try and go home. He then accused me of name dropping, having said he had gone out with some old pop star and taken down an Eastern European Government?.  Perhaps he was turned down by the pop star and went down on the Government.
I need something very romantic and a very unpretentious Brian would do, or a safer, easier going  Nigel, or saviour called Victor.  I never fully enjoy Summer holidays, all sand, buckets and laughter, I am happy in the rain in London.

I have a couple of old dudes  I need to see, and then I am back home.. Really I am here to re do my extensions, collect my rent, name drop and do the Hollywood walk of fame and seduce every star on it. I shall wrap the talents of Balencienga on my shoulders and have the Crook diamonds copied. Have lunch with Joan Collins and re make Dynasty and reflect on how ghastly the male species has become, except for my sons? I don't believe that either...
Who cares about some 'dude has been' with a 45 rp record, perhaps it was B side all along. Perhaps he did not want to tell me his name for fear that nobody would remember it, let alone pronounce it?.  

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