Tuesday, 24 July 2012


A wonderful day.  
Today I learnt how to protect myself with an amazing company, called Divas in Defense.  Incredible as it seems I felt like biting and scratching, which apparently is acceptable. They however gave me "sh sh" sophisticated tricks of the trade.  You can all learn these yourself, when somebody tries to attack you, you become crafty and are able to shoot back some nasties. It was great value and very interesting, I feel fitter too. It certainly bolstered my self confidence and it is an essential skill for all women. You all need to know how to protect ourselves in the mad world we live in.  
I then had a terrific Yoga lesson at the Chateau with a great girl call Linda which made me feel totally relaxed.  I was lucky enough to get a film role, signing my first Hollywood contract .  This is why I like Los Angeles,  here everything seems to go right. 
If somebody tries to come up behind me I maybe ready for action.

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