Wednesday, 11 July 2012

THE BRILLIANT CHARIOTS OF FIRE. Possibly Britain's greatest film.

A night in would be good occasionally but with so much going on it is a pity to miss wonderful moments that make life worth living. Last night I went to see the new better, newly modernised version of Chariots of Fire with the BFI's, Amanda Neville. It was a joy to see the men who made the industry great.  David Putnam, The Producer and Hugh Hudson the ambitious Director who won so many Oscars for this brilliant film. 
Now it has been chosen to be shown round England for the Olympics.  Starring truly iconic actors Nigel Havers, Ian Charleson, Nicholas Farrell and Ben Cross, you cannot go wrong.

A script like this could not be written now. Too much emphasis on political correctness would mean that the snobbery would be lessened. Inverted snobbery is as bad, but nobody truly sees that yet.  
A patriotic film, that makes you feel good to be British. A real story about the ambition and brilliance of man.  Beautiful cinematography by David Watkins and excellent editing by Terry Rawlings of a damn good film. The haunting music by Vangellis which drives it on to another level mixed with the best of English church music.  It could possibly be Britain's greatest film?. 
In 1988, I had three of four private lessons with the late Ian Charleson who was an incredible singer of Elizabethan music, I learnt Music for a while.  He was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He is the reason that a word like 'inspirational' exists. It is sad he died of Aids.
Afterwards there was a dinner at the BT tower which moves slowly round London in a never ending circle. Beautiful views reaching far and wide and interesting conversations.

On another note I was unhappy to see Eva Rausling had died. Another sad story about drug abuse. I met her through friends in 2004.  Moral do not take drugs, she prepared for everything in life but not for living it.

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