Sunday, 22 July 2012


Of course you are a man you can only do one thing at a time.

Being a woman who is able to multi task, I have never understood men's abilities?. I know what it is like to have children, I conceived them, looked after them in my own little body, for nine months each.  I remember every food craving and a mother has a bond with a child that a man cannot evan conceive. You cannot  understand this unless you could get pregnant. You can only have empathy. Impregnating a body is different from conceiving forming and giving birth to a child.  Watching the delivery is not the same as performing it. 
What you call drama Mr Universal, Mr Show business and Mr Ingognito is nothing yet. If I am going to marry you, or live in a commune with you, as Mrs X, you have seen nothing yet.  I think it is only fair to tell you that there are few things about me, and I shall reveal those on visit number five. I have not lied to you, I just have not had time to tell you things, on three visits.  When I know you trust me, I will then trust you. You might impress some silly young tart, "He is going to Universal Studios oh he's got a recording contract".. There is something that happens at fifty, it is an eureka moment.  Even if I described it to you you could n't understand, until you are fifty.  You will have to wait for that to happen. I realise that it takes some people longer to mature than others.  If I am not having a nice time or I have to sit glum perhaps I should n't be doing it?.
As a woman it is simple, Things you omit are assumed to be concealment.  If I am going to form opinions, assumptions and feelings. that  might change the entire shape of my life, you must forgive me if I fill in the gaps.  I have learnt at my age that some things that take a long time, have been a waste of time. I can always get a new dress, a new boyfriend, a new hotel room another plane ticket and more money and more names to drop.  But I cannot buy time, and I cannot waste any more time, because love, without time is pointless.  You cannot stay static, you cannot move backwards and forwards, but your feelings stay.  I do not like carrots on a stick especially when I can own the green grocers.

Age is not always ugly and youth is not always beautiful. At fifty you have a clarity, that at forty, thirty and twenty, you don't have.

If a man does not poke the fire I will get another coalman.  I am trying to find someone to help with my emotional happiness, and not somebody who does not understand women.
I hope I am as pleased with you as you are with yourself.

If you are going to date other girls I suggest you take them to dinner and buy some blooms and say a few heart felt words.  This is what a girl wants.

You are Mr Okay for right now so don't spoil it and I cannot wait to have your hands all over me.

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