Tuesday, 26 June 2012


How many pairs of sunglasses do you lose a year? I lose at least twenty. It is so irritating. Whoever picks them up are very lucky as they are always made from rare species of horn from a forgotten animal. Well that is how I see them. It is a pain in the neck when they are lost.  Today at the luxurious Bulgari hotel a pair just disappeared like magic. I had them in my hand and poof they just walked.  
I was visiting this luxurious and glamorous hotel for a lecture given by The Fashion Trust to enable fashion designers to succeed and make an impact through intelligent stratedgy.  It is a marriage between financier, artist and a tricky road for all those concerned. Roland Mouret took us through his steps to success which were touching and romantic.  Full of hope he had understanding for all parties involved.  When he started he had no ideas how to sew let alone design a dress, he just had faith he could do it. Roland just loved draping. Now his shapes are signature designs that every women knows will flatter them. He likes all  sizes of women, however some dresses are just better on the petite.  A good dress is one that looks incredible on everybody.  He has ability, success and likes to take risks. He was one of the first designers to support Pret a Porter, and they in turn bought all his collection.  Within the first few minutes of being on line he had sold most of it. 
He took a risk and it paid off.
He explained the pitfalls and losing his name. He said it was a challenge but he worked through it. He knew he would be alright. As I left I asked him what the end of his story was and he said "Well I have a flag outside my office with my name on it" Good will and belief has given him the ability to be grateful and move forward.
The lunch was delicious too and despite the loss of my black sparkly rimmed Chanel glasses I had a great time.
The British Fashion Council supports
Christopher Kane
Jonathan Saunders
Marios Schwab
Mary Katrantzou
Nicholas Kirkwood,
Peter Pilotto
Among others.

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