Sunday, 17 June 2012


I have finished my film and life has been a whirlwind for three weeks.  I completed so many things all because my son teased me, so I have a lot to thank him for.  If someone challenges me to do something I can guarantee the job is completed in double quick time especially if they doubt me. 

Justine Glenton was exceptional when I think about it. She did not fluff her lines once and was totally professional this is so rare that I have to say she is a truly a marvel. She also looked tremendous. Glamorous and beautifully dressed. Hair and make up was by Julia Laverne.  Charles Eliasch, my son, Guilia Laudano and Adam Urosevic created some wonderful musical moments which I hope will make my Mother proud in heaven.

The film was interesting to direct and it made me think of the difficult relationship between mother and daughter. It is so tricky  to put it to pen and paper, let alone a film. I was often misunderstood and was rude because of it. This in turn however gave me freedom.

In Praiano this week I had the opportunity to reflect.

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