Saturday, 9 June 2012


If we have to go to hell what better company to keep than Nick Rhodes's or Charles Saatchi's whose birthdays are today, well actually Nick's was yesterday.  The 9th June will stick in my memory forever as my Wedding Anniversary and the birthday of my first husband, Sebastian Riley Smith.  If I had stayed married to Johan Eliasch I would have been celebrating my 24th year of wedded bliss, but that sadly did not happen.  Instead though, it is the last day of directing my first film which I have thoroughly enjoyed, and, if I had kept the ring, I would not have been allowed to do.  So good things come out of parting and saying good bye to your past.   
Sitting with Pigs from Polly Morgan's Show at All Visual arts.
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Last night I went to Hamiltons to see an exhibition put together for Nick Rhodes celebrating his  50th Birthday, he was on top form, looking a glamorous as ever in full make up.  He still strikes a handsome figure and along with Boy George,  doesn't allow old age to effect his dress sense.  Good for him. 50 is definitely the new 30. What a relief. Hell looks further away than ever.

It has been quite a week.  I loved Polly Morgan's show at All Visual Arts, celebrating the circle of life in quirky forms, an octopus entangled with the fox and pigs drinking sap from a tree.
Justine Glenton on the set wearing Top Shop dress
Amanda Eliasch wearing Top Shop dress
I still have the lovely George Blodwell staying from Los Angeles who sweeps in to make sure that Justine and I look incredible for my film.  One dress from Top Shop has been most popular in fact all the actresses and my house keeper have stolen one, a black stretched dress with a peplum.  
So it is a wrap tonight and tomorrow I can get some extra well deserved beauty sleep. 

A huge thank you to Julia Laverne who worked tirelessly doing hair and make up, George Blodwell styled the actors and stole from my wardrobe, Fredrik Andersson and Jack English were my DP's, Alex Webster on lighting and Phil Scala did the sound. Of course they all crossed the lines of their job descriptions as they should.  Justine Glenton, Charles Eliasch, Giulia Laudano and Adam Urosevic, Mimi, Katy Barker and Tilly Woods were wonderful actors and singers, and lastly Antoine Monot who was the Line Producer, not an easy job.  Thank you.

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