Sunday, 24 June 2012


I have finally retired from romance with good reason.  Impotence, unreliability, other peoples husbands, other peoples wives have driven me to put hands up and admit defeat. Relationships ultimately start off in a complicated spiral, and then take a turn for the worst, and if you are lucky end up in domestic bliss.  Domestic bliss is not for me.  I want passion, excitement, secret rendezvous and someone who is artistic. I cannot cope with bankers and rich men who wish to control me. N'or can I stand another ponce or philanderer. 
I always swore I would not fall in love but of course I did,  my most romantic present was an apple, given to me with full passion, better than the diamond that was thrown at me when I got divorced.
I am happy to leave the ring with my brain working, and shall no longer have sleepless nights, wondering whether the love of my life feels the same way or whether he will call again. If I close the door I need not worry. It is my choice.  I have better things to do like finish making my film and spending my time with two amazing sons who are infinitely more entertaining than the rest of the male species.

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