Friday, 29 June 2012


Okay girls.. How much would someone pay to buy a book called How to steal a man. If it told you how to tempt tease and lure a man from every situation.. Would you want that book and admit to owning it? 
How many of you are living with stolen men?. We all love Rita Heyworth, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Za Za Gabor. These women weren't looking for left overs they wanted a prize catch.When a woman wants a man, be honest they do not care about anybody else's feelings including the mans.

When a woman steals a husband she doesn't do guilt, that is for a man to feel about leaving his wife. The more messy the woman can make it, the nearer she is to stealing him, she more secure feels in the knowledge that he can never return to the wife. The man becomes addicted to the woman, and a clever woman never stops being intoxicating or exciting.
If the man had wanted drudgery he would have stayed at home with the kitchen sink drama. Anybody who doesn't believe me, then look at the divorce figures. Beware when somebody does this to you, they make sure that they are a part of the family and it is under your nose. 
They get as close as they can.  
These women fuck up the marital home so irretreivably that the man is forced to move into the loving and greedy arms of the sexual thief. These women are always there, they cannot resist the thrill of the chase. Just one more diamond, one more 'take your breath away conquest'.  These women are not addicted men, they are addicted to the theft. It is called a good old fashioned 'home wrecker'.
I want comments please, do you want to know how to do it or how to prevent it?  Because the book will give tips to the thief and also the wife so that she can burglar proof her husband.  It will be a manual and an insurance policy all in one.

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