Monday, 21 May 2012


Cannes was so busy this year that my head is in a spin, where to go, what to do, so many invitations and exciting events. Best of all for me was Lawless with my favourite Gary Oldman, Memoir a wonderful documentary on the life of Polanski, Romeo and Juliet with the delicious new star Douglas Booth playing Romeo, written by Julien Fellowes and produced by Swarovski,  and lastly Moonshine Kingdom.  I evan managed a trip down memory lane to see Alfred Hitchcock's silent movie The Ring which has just been re constructed. With so much talent around it was difficult to see straight or take everything in. I even went to some first night parties among them Wes Anderson's on the pier at the Carlton with the lovely Nigel Daly.  There sort of needs to be a pre Cannes film festival so that you can preview everything.  The BBC showed their new films in a private lunch and the BFI too. Along with meeting lovely friends such as Rushka Bergman and Robert Robensteiner from Italian Vogue at the Martinez four days passed too quickly.  I sadly have had to miss the Charles Finch dinner for film makers and the Vanity Fair Party as I have had to return home to organise my own film this week.

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