Monday, 7 May 2012

TOBY MOTT ARTIST AND PUNK part of my series on interesting people.

Toby Mott is a friend of mine who is famous for his collection of Punk Rock memorabilia.  He is an artist and lives in London. He loves the Four Last songs of Richard Strauss and so do I.

Which Hollywood star do you find attractive? Charlie Chaplin
What moves you emotionally? women, children & food
Which film director inspires
What food do you most enjoy? Meat
Which designer do you like to wear most? Savile Row
What was your most successful moment? creating my daughter
What makes you happy? women, children & food
Which film director interests you? Stan Brakhage
What piece of music do you like listening to? Four Last Songs, Richard Strauss
Where do you like to live? Bayswater, London
What piece of art inspires you? Richard Serra, Tilted Arc
What shoes do you like to wear? Church
What made you most happy in your career? Money Fame & Respect
What person inspired you?. Andy Warhol
What sport do you most enjoy? Cycling
Where do you find serenity? In Bed
What do you like to eat? English Breakfast
What is your biggest sin? Sloth
What piece of advice can you give someone? Do It
What do you like to do at the week end? Go to the Turkish Baths

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