Friday, 18 May 2012


I have been surrounded by 'Lady Love' for three days. Positivity and comradeship goes hand in hand when you are around good friends. Everybody has projects here, they are being built brick by brick and it is fantastic to see. Films from their early days until finish are enthusiastically talked about.
I went to the most incredible lunch hosted by the BFI and the imaginative Amanda Neville. Barnaby Thompson, Livia Firth, Ally Bernstein, Katy Barker, Amy Ricker, Andrea Arnold and Lisa Gregg from American Express were there. 
I had a wonderful conversation with the brilliant Andrea Arnold, who was discussing her street casting for her film Wuthering Heights which she directed last year.  I loved the rawness of her film. The sound of it and the ugliness of Cathy.   Andrea is on the 'voting committee' this year at Cannes and so wasn't allowed to discuss what she had seen. 
(The BFI  is the leading organisation for making films in England, it has become a government arm and distributes Lottery funds.  It helps film education, distribution, publishing, library and national archive and media).

Yesterday I was thoroughly moved by the memory of Roman Polanski's life, "Memoir". His friend Andrew Braunsberg who interviewed him, showed us how he was influenced, how he was effected by the nightmare drama's that few people ever have had to go through.  A wonderful documentary.  Luckily I was given tickets by my friend's secret admirer. 

Calvin Klein gave the most glamorous party in a palace in Cannes last night with dishy Alec Baldwin as a star attraction. My favourite Ezra Miller, was again the best dressed. 

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