Tuesday, 22 May 2012


People are nagging me saying why do I do vanity projects.  I don't understand this concept or the problem. Is it better to ponce and squeeze others for cash, or is it better to put money where your mouth is?. I like to get the most out of life and to work with people I love and adore.  So many wonderful things get thrown away because money becomes the object.  So many other things that should not have been made, have managed to become a reality.  I like to do my own thing, be free, and I aim to be a good film maker not a successful ponce. If it goes right I will get my acceptance speech ready and if it goes wrong I will do choose another area to manifest myself in. If I want to do something I have learnt to do it myself, or forget it. It is as simple as that. Most of the people laugh when I say I am doing something and they have disbelief.  So I look at them and ask them when did they last make, direct, write or produce a film.  When they tell me they never have, I ask them how they feel qualified to comment?. I don't ask for their opinion they gladly announce it to me. So tomorrow morning production begins. It is a closed set, so anyone who doubts me don't come and don't ask for complimentary tickets at its preview.  I hope the box office does well out of it, but if not I will like it, because I already do.  It is a natural progression for me from the book, the play, and now this. Most of my friends in the biggest studios and who are successful never doubt me and have said to me "Do I need any help" and have offered me everything.  It's funny that the not so successful do not believe in me and have an irritating chuckle.

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