Tuesday, 10 April 2012


MEGAN in Emilia Wickstead, AMANDA ELIASCH in Alexander Mcqueen AND RJ GIBB in Alexander Mcqeen.
The Titanic Requiem was performed tonight, written by Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb, his son with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The RSVP Voices. Chillingly beautiful sounds came from the Concert Hall in Westminster, London. Sadly Robin Gibb lies in hospital very ill, he was unable to attend. This is his first classical piece. 
It is one hundred years ago since the ship sunk, and the concert started with music by Greig and Schubert, as it was played at the time, when the magnificent structure sunk.   
Isabel Suckling, The child prodigy who sang Christmas Day beautifully will not be someone who i forgot anytime soon. She has also been signed up with Decca Records, and has done an album called "The Choir Girl". 
When I was young I used to copy Aled Jones' version of "Oh for the wings of a dove", and funnily enough he was there tonight still singing his heart out after all these years. 
The famous faces included Cherie Blair, Vanessa Feltz and a load of old rockers who were accompanied by a stream of beautiful leggy blondes.
Megan, RJ Gibb's  girlfriend looked elegant in a dress by Emilia Wickstead.
Megan and Amanda Eliasch
Megan and RJ Gibb
Scarlett Rainer and Amanda Eliasch
Snowden Hill and Amanda Eliasch
It was an evening of celebration. The Requiem was orchestrated by Chris Masterson, who has done many Hollywood films and worked with people like Kylie Minogue. If I had one wish, It would be to write an opera with him.

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