Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I am very sorry that men add me as a notch on their belt, when I have not seen the belt. Some of you may find this flattering, I am not so sure. I have shared many moments with lovely men, but not in the way you think.
I have one man who wants to give me everything, if only he could kick start it.
Another one likes to talk about it and not do it.  One I refused because he wanted to do it, but not talk about it. One wanted to speak to me while making love, unfortunately it meant there had to be a telephone handy. I have known men who wished they had,  and men that have wished they had not.
I was even offered a night once because a man thought I needed a favour. So far I have not found a man willing able and attractive all at the same time,  The men that I have refused, accuse me of being unfaithful the most. Some men have loved me too much and some not at all. I suggested to one man that he should be more spontaneous he started to spank me.
I am told I am having a wonderful time, it seems others speculate more than I do behind closed doors
Problem with these men is they think they are so shiny, but no man can be a shiny as I am. You see I am up with the larks polishing with my chammy leather.

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