Sunday, 15 April 2012


I am still doing my bit to try and live normally and so de scaled the kettle. No matter how many maids you have they still forget to change a light bulb when it breaks, and they don't seem to know how to clean silver these days or remove limescale.  I think ordinary is becoming more and more attractive. 
Of course I was also only too happy to watch the Olivier Awards, the highest award in British Theatre, like the Tony.   It was emotional to see my lovely friend Sir Tim Rice win 'A life time of achievement award'. He thanked everybody in his usual charming and charismatic way. I am so pleased I got to see the start of Evita in New York, if you are there and you have not seen it, it is a very good night out evan better Jesus Christ Superstar, I am now a convert. 
It was  terrific night of music and drama, Matilda scooping up the bulk of awards. With especially brilliant performances from Elaine Paige, at the end singing the song she did so well from Evita. 

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