Saturday, 7 April 2012


This week we have seen an article by a journalist for The Daily Mail, Samantha Brick proclaiming that she is "too pretty" and that people had always been jealous of her. Whatever mirror she has, I want it.  She is pretty  but please, she is not the golden ratio and she doesn't need to go on daytime television claiming her beauty.  She has left herself open for people to belittle her.
People have enjoyed good looks from the beginning so I would disagree that other people would necessarily be jealous, of course it can be disconcerting. Whether or not she is this ravishing is a matter of opinion and really who cares?  I have seen people go out of their way for a pretty face and pay for airline tickets, holidays, clothes and parties, men like it.  It depends on the individual girls upbringing whether she chooses to take these things.  I would not, I am not interested in bribery. 
I also do not get so easily flattered.  I too have been given roses by a strange man in Venice, had a pilot order champagne for me but I do not drink, offered a Fashion Editors job in Los Angeles for dressing well and then lost a job for too tight a skirt, so what?  I think it is obvious.  For me it is about being blonde.  As my eldest son says, “Blondes have a halo when they enter a room, an unfair advantage, they shine automatically”. Even my blonde younger son, who from a little round ball became a dashing man, has women coming across the room to talk to him. We laugh together because we remember people ignoring him.
More to the point people may hope and assume that you are thick, praying to goodness that you cannot be pretty, happy, modest and clever?.  Why should you have everything?.  
I have found that in my life, a smile can get you everywhere and everything.  When I left The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, the Head there Sorrel Carson said to me " If you show your shining self you will get everywhere and if you show the otherside, well, do not"  However obviously there is a more important issue here, that looks can work for you and they can work against you.  This is normal we are animals and some looks we prefer.  I suspect Samantha did not inspire jealousy so much as people did not like her.    I congratulate her on her confidence.  
 Look around you, Elle Macpherson,  Britt Ekland,  Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams, Cara and Poppy Delevigne, the blonde, the golden ratio and the beautiful.  Marilyn Monroe however did not think she was beautiful n'or did Audrey Hepburn they had a little modesty. Equally Barbara Streisand is not beautiful, but she is so damn sexy and talented that she became beautiful. Modesty in my opinion makes you more interesting. Samantha has not the ‘golden ratio’ of good looks, she is using something else. 

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