Monday, 2 April 2012


Julie Anne Rhodes is a fellow blogger from Los Angeles and delicious cook.
Which Hollywood star do you find attractive? 
I'm afraid I'm doomed to living in the past - Cary Grant was my ideal man.
What moves you emotionally? 
I'm double Piscean, way too many things.
Which film director inspires 
I've always been a big Scorcese fan. 
What food do you most enjoy? 
I'm fickle, but at the moment I'm vibing on Moroccan food. Anything hot and spicy, sweet and savory.
Which designer do you like to wear most?
 Right now I'm lusting after Marchesa's gold lame gown, the one that's ruched into a rose at the hip.
What was your most successful moment? 
Giving birth to my daughter.
What makes you happy? 
Observing wildlife in their natural habitat. 
Which film director interests you? 
I'm intrigued by Angelina Jolie's first stab at directing, and would like to see more from her.
What piece of music do you like listening to? 
Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.
Where do you like to live? 
Planet earth, although my head spends a lot of time in the clouds.
What piece of art inspires you? 
I have eclectic taste, but Monet's lilies invoke a sense of relaxation and creativity in me.
What shoes do you like to wear?
 I'm over wearing six inch heels, and loving Manolo's lower pointed pump in nude.
What made you most happy in your career? 
Launching I get a thrill coaching people past their kitchen phobia to rocking out dinner in a snap, and gasp, finding out they can have fun doing it!
What person inspired you? 
My matriarchal grandmother and her lust for life. Her elegant six foot frame dressed in couture, dancing on tabletops, traveling to every remote corner of the globe, practicing Transcendental meditation, and knitting bandages for the lepers. She was a radically cool eccentric, fearless and the strongest woman I've ever known.
What sport do you most enjoy? 
Sports are strictly a spectator sport for me, but I grew up a tennis brat. My father was a Davis Cup and USLTA promoter.
Where do you find serenity? 
I'm an island kind of girl. Give me the casual yet decadent elegance of an Oliver Messel home on the beach, the sound of the surf, a sunset, and I'm completely chilled.
What do you like to eat? 
What is your biggest sin? 
What piece of advice can you give someone? 
Always trust your gut, over someone else's advice.
What do you like to do at the week end? 
Sunday lunch with my friends.

Julie Anne Rhodes, Simon Ortiz Patino, and Chantal Ribeiro

Julie Anne Rhodes in MaxMara

Julie Anne Rhodes caught with cupcake at home

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