Friday, 6 April 2012


Let's be honest a single girlfriend is a perfect pain in the neck.  Either they flirt with your husband by putting their feet into his crutch, or they get blind drunk. They also tell you all the things that they are doing, which as a married woman you cannot.  Come on tell the truth, you don't want them around?.  The sparkling friend is persona non grata.  The more attractive they are, the more dangerous,  You try and hitch them up with a free and single husbands best man, but the man is just not up to scratch for your whirlwind friend, so your terrifying pal makes more advances to your unloved husband. At this point you may wish to be prudent.  Of course you haven't been making love to your husband and you nag him to death for cash and jewels.  Careful my darlings a blonde bombshell could whisk him away with a come hither look. 

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