Friday, 20 April 2012


The English love talking about the weather. It makes me laugh, it has poured with rain every day since I arrived in London. I now have to leave. One more day of stormy clouds and I shall slit my wrists. I realise that I am only happy in sunshine.  I go for a walk everyday with my trainer Justine Glenton, who is also my muse and solace.  We walk round Battersea Park, taking different walks each time.  The park is magnificent, so many different areas finding new places to walk and keep me amused. Yesterday I willingly skipped round laughing and joking. If I don't go out I simply wish to fade away in bed and there is too much to do, so my mood has to remain buoyant.
I have started making little films about Bun Bun, my friends love them. Bun Bun has adventures, he is my cuddly toy given to me by Tim Willis, The Editor of High50 who bought it from the White Company.  A dirty old white rabbit, with a weird way of seeing the world. It was Tim's idea, he said that Bun Bun had character and should be filmed. Indeed he does. He is a cult figure for sure.
I am turning my back on the rain and returning to Hollywood with Bun Bun under my wings for comfort. He is ready for his close up.

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