Saturday, 7 April 2012


I met Belinda Carlisle about 16 years ago, when my husband's Aston Martin broke down outside Roger Moore's house in the South of France, she has teased me about it ever since.  Her pet name for me is "Stinky", I do not not where that comes from?. I loved her immediately and without her, my life would have been very dull.  We have travelled together, laughed together, and cried together.. She is the lead vocalist for the Go Go's and she has sold over 7 million albums, eventually going solo, and singing amongst other songs "Heaven is a Place on earth" Stardom follows her throughout her life.
She lives between the South of France, Los Angeles and Goa. There is very little I would not do for her.

What moves you emotionally?
Which film director inspires
What food do you most enjoy?
Which designer do you like to wear most?
What was your most successful moment?
Professionally number one round the world
Personally 7 years sobriety
What makes you happy?
Which film director interests you?
What piece of music do you like listening to?
Pet sounds. The beach boys
Where do you like to live?
What piece of art inspires you?
What made you most happy in your career?
The freedom to do what I want before I was successful in my career.
What person inspired you?.
What sport do you most enjoy?
I hate sport
Where do you find serenity?
Waking up in my apartment in Goa
What do you like to eat?
Everything except Beets and Canned Corn
What is your biggest sin?
Living with regrets
What piece of advice can you give someone?
Don’t do drugs
What do you like to do at the week end?
Absolutely nothing

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