Friday, 2 March 2012


Arriving by Air Tahiti was rather different, the air hostesses with flowers in their hair were good companions for the fifteen hour flight from Los Angeles to Paris. I rushed off the flight and could not wait to be in my flat here. Tamara de Lempicka's art studio. It has been months since I have seen it. I am trying to either sell it or rent it out.

Paris is buzzing, all talk is about the success of  The Artist, everywhere I go, I am asked did I see the Oscars and what did I think?.  They are wonderfully proud and it is good to hear.  Yesterday I had lunch with my good friends Tilla Rudell and Bernard Herve at Cafe Flore, I feel so at home here and forget how many people I know and wish to see.  Just walking is an interesting experience.
Amanda Eliasch wearing glasses by Michel Klein
Masks in my bedroom at Rue Mechain

Thank goodness for Fall fashion.  I have a loathing for anything pastel, and the only one who got away with it was Jill Sanders beautiful designs, otherwise for me, forget it.  I will leave it to the young who wish to show endless skin and have clear complexions.  I am just not going to wear it. The only time I bought something cream, was from Alexander Mcqueen, immediately someone spilt red wine over it.  It was that wonderful collection he did on a chess board.  I do miss his eccentric shows, they are all so dull now. Without the panache of Galliano and Mcqueen you can forget being entertained, Shows are hard work, and it would be better to watch them online.  Luckily this often happens as the P.R's are so forgetful that unless you work for Vogue, who seem to take up a third of each show, they don't send out any invitations. My poor assistant is driven mad by having to write endless begging letters.  I think Genlux deserves some recognition. The magazine is beautiful, the team creative and the editorial stimulating.  So here goes my views on the  Paris collections.

Barbara Bui
LOVE THIS COAT by Dries Van Noten.

Rick Owens was very priest like in dark colours and cloaks, I like in my Rick Owens clothes as I clearly want to hide everything, Balenciega was trying out new ideas, Balmain is wearable provided you wish to show your skinny hips and they are your greatest asset. Barbara Bui was an easier version of skinny hipped trousers and obviously a lot cheaper.  In fact I think you will be able to wear anything you wish or dare to this Autumn.
 I have just been inside Collette and it was full of people, you could barely move.  Pastels were the rage with scalloped skirts and cardigan all very Sandra D, with a twist.  There were see through dresses in lace by Simone Rocha which I adored.  I felt dizzy and escaped to Chantal Thomas and was lucky to meet the great lady herself who promised me all the corsets I wanted so very happy.

I had lunch at Hotel Costes, with a clever young producer, Leo Maidenberg and I felt sixteen again.  I sat next to Dita von Teese who looked spectacular in a black fitted suit that put everybody else to shame,  Her perfect make up  and hair is an example to us all ,she is the most elegant woman I have seen this week. Forget the Oscars, she puts all women to shame, they look ordinary except for  course Rooney Mara and Milla Jovich.

A fitted wool jersey dress draped to give the wearer a great waist

The perfect way to see clothes in my opinion is to go round to the Atelier and see all the clothes on mannequins,  I am bored of celebrity models.  I like to have coffee with the designer and hear his ideas. Michel Klein is up to date and loves to sit and talk through his thoughts.  His shop at 9 Rue Jacob is a must if you visit Paris.
Head and above all other shows was as usual Lanvin.  Even if I cannot wear one piece of Lanvin, because I can't, he knows how to put a woman together, and if you rich enough, tall enough, and pretty enough, you will carry it off. 

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