Tuesday, 20 March 2012


There is nothing better for me than an auctionFaberge Eggs, and Mark Shand, the brother in law of the future King of England, HRH, The Prince of Wales, were the best partners. Mark has a charm and ability to whip everybody into shape, to start the bidding war under the portals of the Royal Courts of Justice. There was something thrilling about buying and doing good at the same time. Last year, I bought the White Elephant by Marc Quinn and tonight the egg by Emma Clegg. I tried for so many, but bidding was fierce. Nicholas Haslam's brilliant golden moving egg was one of my favourites as was Marc Quinn's, but there were many rich people willing to help the charity, and I was only lucky once.
The golden collection went under the hammer towards the raising of two million for The Elephant Family and Action for Children. Mark Shand wants to buy land corridors so that the elephants in India can easily migrate. Because of building and roads, the elephants' freedom has been diminished. Without access to others of their species, they then become inbred, die and will become extinct.
 We were a very rowdy lot on Table 12, screaming and yelling for our favourite eggs. One by Polly Morgan - a famous moderniser of taxidermy, who has brought it to a new audience - which was called "Resurrection" raised seventeen thousand pounds. 
Another called "All the Stars, Moon and Sun" by Ajay Padda, which was nearly forgotten about, raised a staggering twenty thousand. One of my favourites was by Mary Karantzou, UK Fashion Designer of the Year - who I just saw two days ago in Los Angeles at the LA fashion week. New as she is to the game, hers raised twelve thousand pounds. There are still some for sale so get bidding on their website.
There is nothing like England, the photographers were as welcoming as my friends, asking where I had been all this time. I am so glad to be back.
Thank goodness I did not need a name tag tonight, like I do in Hollywood.

"Vanitas Vitrified" by Emma Clegg
'Her egg is anti gloom, avoiding all associations with receding economies and financial obsessions. The wild flowers remind us that material wealth gives only limited joy'.  Looking carefully, I saw four leaf clovers, which mean good luck, and a butterfly, 'the delicate pollinator intrinsic the circle of life'.

Amanda Eliasch

Polly Morgan
Amanda Eliasch and Nicky Haslam, Amanda wears a Chanel Coat, A comme des garcons silver handbag, Karl Lagerfeld white collar, Chanel cross, shoes by YSL.
Nicky Haslam and Amanda Eliasch
Aurore by Nicky Haslam
Inspired by the new dawn 

Perdita by Bruce Oldfied
Matt Collishaw Artist

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