Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Kim Kardashian 

Should Kanye West care what people are saying about his clothes, does it really matter? It's Los Angeles girls kit, a la his muse, Kim Kardashian, and my problem is the fur.  In such profusion and ostentation, is it a little too much?. In his position should he not be prudent?. I am not anti fur, I just wish to be tuneful of others sensibilities. If you eat meat you could answer that fur is acceptable?.  So with this in mind why pick rare species to work from.? Baby lambs ripped from the mother are not a good idea, and cruelty never attractive.  Perhaps more barbaric actions are found in an abattoir, but his collection seems over the top and out of its time.
I am very happy Kanye wants to achieve prominence in new areas.. His clothes are glamorous for the mountains and private jets,  but swathed in pink or beige fur won't get you many friends in this world of the Green party. His shapes were borrowed from Givenchy too. Oh well, next time he will know, and there will be a next time.  With the help he has behind the scenes, he will eventually kowtow.
At the opposite end of the scale Marni opened in HM stores this evening and I had a sneaky peak preview in the offices in Sunset. They have come up trumps.  The collection for women is very pretty, well cut and well made.  It is worth going and checking out.  Obviously not everything was for me, I live in black, but for those girls that chase colour, and love  bohemia, take a look.  It looks up market.  With leather tops, sequin collars and colourful dresses, you will be noticed.
It was a mad affair though, rather like Bloomingdales in the sale. Girls pushing grabbing taking everything they could from the rails. Compulsively buying without looking.  All the girls behind the desks tomorrow will be lucky to find a thing, such was the chaos and madness. It might be easier to buy online at HM.


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