Friday, 2 March 2012

NICKY HASLAM. (part of my series of interesting people]

I have known Nicky Haslam for many years, but two years ago we became close enough not just to say "Hello darling". He became so much more to me.  He has wit and charisma that you rarely find. He helped me with my house in Cheyne Walk and saved me from the bullying tactics of an over enthusiastic 'white box lover' architect. He walked in with three over the top fireplaces and a cheeky grin and placed them to the horror of all on the site. He has true old fashioned style and good manners, but surprises everybody by always keeping himself up to the minute with new and brilliant ideas. I love him. 
Owner of a brilliant decorating company, NH Design, you can guarantee anything you wish for in the house will be done with your unique style and taste, and he goes with it.

Which Hollywood star do you find attractive?
Tho' no longer with us, no male star as ravishing as Dewey Martin, or, female, Cyd Charisse
What moves you emotionally? 
Delapidated perfection.
Which film director inspires you? 
Vincente Minelli.
 What food do you most enjoy? 
Mutton broth, good and hot.
Which designer do you like to wear most? 
My own designs made up by Anderson and Sheppard in Old Burlington St, London.
What was your most successful moment? 
Recovering from quite bad polio.
What makes you happy? 
Buying clothes from someone I'm in love with.
 Which film director interests you? 
Michel Hazanavicius.
What piece of music do you like listening to? 
Anything post Mozart.
Where do you like to live? 
In a dream.
What piece of art inspires you? 
Being a decorator, I find art useful rather than inspiring.
What shoes do you like to wear? 
Very clean or very dirty.
What made you most happy in your career? 
My loyal and beautiful staff, past and present. 
What person inspired you? 
Wilfred Blunt, my art teacher at Eton
 What sport do you most enjoy? 
Croquet with proper boundaries and rules.
Where do you find serenity? 
Not sure I want to be serene. A bit dull. But wouldn't mind being a Serene Highness.
What do you like to eat? 
Violet and rose creams from L'artisan du Chocolat in Lower Sloane St, London
What is your biggest sin? See above.
What piece of advice can you give someone? 
Life is NOT too short, its too long. Too long to bear grudges, to stay angry, to be nostalgic.
What do you like to do at the week end? Pootling, pruning, planning, and praying is now creeping in.

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