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I met Michael two or three years ago with Bryan Ferry at a house I had with magnificent views in Eden Place, Los Angeles. He has a very interesting brain, brilliant ideas and using what he likes to do best, started The Lip TV.  He is cosy and the sort of person you can cuddle up to. He is generous and one of the few men in Los Angeles that pays for dinner.  His brain is forever changing. 

Which Hollywood star do you find attractive?
Cate Blanchett because she can do anything, Audrey Tatou - le bombe surprise of femininity and Myrna Loy because she is eternal. 

What moves you emotionally? 
Life is messy; so making order out of chaos and finding the resiliency to survive is the essence of emotionality and gratitude.  I think this Kubrick quote sums it up best, "The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent; but if we can come to terms with this indifference and accept the challenges of life within the boundaries of death–however mutable man may able to make them –our existence as a species can have genuine meaning and fulfillment. However vast the darkness we supply our own light." 

Which film director inspires you?
I'm captivated by Polish Brothers and their film "For Lovers Only" which is a must see on VOD.  This $0 budget feature is road trip from Paris down through the South of France that explores an affair between a man and woman who've had a previous relationship; as they make love the film incrementally reveals the reasons why they can't be together.  

What food do you most enjoy? 

Which designer do you like to wear most?
I build the basics of my wardrobe from John Varvatos Collection and RRL limited edition with a smattering of Christian Peau, Hartford, Paul Smith and vintage pieces for the flourish. 

What was your most successful moment? 
When I learned to speak nicely to myself. 

What makes you happy?

Which film director interests you?
Oliver Stone, Stanley Kubrick, Mel Gibson and Martin Scorcese - controversy is essential in the arts and any auteur who pushes the boundaries no matter the consequence inspires discourse and makes the world a better place even if sometimes it's to their own peril or detriment. 

What piece of music do you like listening to? 
It's impossible for me to narrow down the soundtrack of my life to a single piece of music, song or even a single artist or composer.  

Where do you like to live?

What piece of art inspires you?

What shoes do you like to wear?
Flip Flops, Berlutti Loafers, Guidi lace ups, Vintage boots and Classic Vans. 

What made you most happy in your career? 
Being able to always choose what and be challenged by what I have done as a vocation.  I'd rather starve than do something just for money.  

What persons have inspired you?
Bryan Ferry for being the quintessential artiste, Tony Wilson as the archetypal raconteur and Benny Hill as the progenitor of the cheap thrill. 

What sport do you most enjoy? 
Watching cricket. 

Where do you find serenity? 
Anywhere that is quiet with an unobstructed view. 

What do you like to eat? 
I'll eat almost anything with the right group of people at the table. 

What is your biggest sin? 
Sloth of course. 

What piece of advice can you give someone? 
Rule #1 If you're gong to smoke weed; smoke before you drink. 
Rule #2 Don't forget rule #1. 
Rule #3 Never take anything personally. 

What do you like to do at the weekend?
I like to cozy up at the beach with the special one.  But I also enjoy a completely shallow and fashionable weekend party. 

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