Saturday, 10 March 2012


The boo boos men make and this man was really quite nice... so girls don't get upset.. In fact I was told he was a gentleman, and wanted romance and love....."I think the party is over, it is time to go home" as my Grandfather used to say to me.

"I have turned down better women than you"

"I had such a great conversation with a lesbian who said threesomes were great, it was so good to talk with my son about these sort of things, I want to make the film of it, it is so Bergmanesque"
I have sent him to the Valley.

"I was going to give you flowers for Valentines but they will die"

"I had such fun with the nurse who put the injection into my ..."

" My best friend said you should give me a blow job and shut up"

"I  was told I should be with you because you are rich"

"It wasn't me who flooded the bathroom with boiling water, it wasn't me" (He was the only one who had been in the bathroom).

"Thank you for my soup" (he always mentions soup like it costs nothing, but we were at the Chateau)

"I dreamt of you last night, chasing me through the forest, please don't stop looking for another man"

"It wasn't me who left the lights on in the car, honestly I never tell a lie" (I lent him my car only to find the battery was flat and the lights were on, and he was the only one who had used it)

"Come and stay with me in New York, I have a friend who will pay for a hotel room"

"I can't take you to the airport" (but he is picking up his ex wife)

"Use this accountant she is really good and cheap" (she costs 1,200 dollars a month to pay six bills)

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