Friday, 16 March 2012


I have lived a whirlwind the last two days hanging out with Genlux's Editor at Large George Blodwell. I had an hysterical time listening to a ridiculous conversation from a Publicist who was busy telling him off about hanging out with trashy people.  In any case I was about to get a little cross as Justin Resnik and I are hardly trashy, when she says" You should hang out with Amanda Eliasch more, now she is seriously chic"  I feel all puffed up and nearly taken in.
 I have had many riding lessons, but the thought of going bareback around the Hollywood sign at midnight, evan with Justin, who is a brilliant rider and show jumping champion, just does not fill my boots, however tempting it may sound, as he does own some of the most beautiful horses in the world. I have not been on the back of a horse properly since I fell off my Welsh Cobb, hunting.
Mercury is in retrograde and weird things keep happening. My long lost Grandmother who had disappeared when my father was 8, called Velda has suddenly turned up through a cousin of mine that I did not know I had.  I have been looking at her marriage certificate and she appears to have been married at 13. If so, no wonder she left my Grandfather after she had three children. I would have done so too.  My long lost cousin sent me loads of photographs and my Great Grandfather had the same hands as I did and looked like my Father who I only met 12 times.
In between living in the past I managed to see the work of Abigail Slotkin, who makes jewelled telephones and covers for Ipads. The new one from Apple comes out today so I shall try and stand in line. I also met Amber Sakai last night with Marilyn Heston, she does a really good week end range of clothes that will pack perfectly into a brief case. Really well cut and in black they are entirely useful as well as funky.  I then dashed off with Justin and George for dinner with Peter Medak and Cindy Cowan who was fresh from preparing for her next film.  Soho House was packed but worth it.

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