Sunday, 11 March 2012


Okay girls make sure you look good most of the time. Today I looked terrible and guess what happens, just as my grandmother predicted, "When you don't put on your lipstick you bump into the love of your life?" The story starts, the Ditzy man took me to the cinema lat night.  The first mistake he made was he got the right film but the wrong time, so I ended up eating yet again when I was meant to be on a diet.  I was hoping to escape the fodder of the Arclight, which is totally filthy and  only beaten by the disgusting  hot dog stand outside the screening room. In any case after a dinner, and watching the  brilliant  film 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' with Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor. My Ditzy friend nearly tripped over his too long drain pipe jeans as he went down the steep staircase, and at the bottom of them,  he had lost his glasses, and said "You wait for me at the bookstand". 
 God was on my side, and all was not lost. I was opening a book on Marilyn Monroe, and holding some peppermints with the words  "For men with small penises"  This was a trifle embarrassing especially as a dishy man came up to me and said "Do you live in Los Angeles" I said "Yes", as he nervously looked around to see if anyone was there, sort of dancing on the spot, as if it was too hot.  I was equally  agitated hoping that he does not notice what the box said.  He then asks if I have a boyfriend and could he ring me? I was so surprised about being spoken to, that I handed over my card by mistake. He then disappeared just as the Ditzy one came smiling round the corner. I am going to suggest that the The Ditzy one goes to check with the doctor if his brain work properly?.
Don't worry about The Ditzy one, he  got chatted up by a woman in  red shoes, who was asking him what "I love you" was in Polish...
Well this is LA isn't. Everybody gives out a card, it doesn't necessarily mean anything, or does it?

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