Saturday, 10 March 2012


My elephant by Marc Quinn, Cheyne Walk.
Los Angeles
For a few months a year I have decided to rent out my three homes, one in Los Angeles, one Montparnasse in Paris and the final one in, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London,  through Russell Simpson on long or term rents .  The houses/apartment all come with housekeepers and cooks are available.  The one in Paris is truly romantic and once the home of Tamara de Lempicka, I would consider longer rentals on this one.  It is in one of the backwaters of Paris in a Mallet Stevens Building, fully furnished with a lift on the floor into the bedroom and the atelier, it is one bedroom, one office, bar area, reception area, large kitchen.  I have spent many happy times here.  It overlooks the nunnery.
The Study area upstairs of the Atelier with original furntiure
It is with Sothebys to rent or buy.  Fabrice + 33607016771
Paris Tamara de Lempicka's Art Studio, in a Mallet Stevens Building.
Front of the House
Views overlooking the garden to the rear
My house in London is on with Russell Simpson to rent or buy +447785295255, is a fully furnished house in the heart of Chelsea, described by Nicky Haslam as the "most romantic" there.  With three bedrooms, immaculate condition, overlooking Albert Bridge to the front and a very pretty garden to the rear.
Finally my house in the Los Angeles is exactly what you would expect there. Again three spacious bedrooms with good views overlooking Sunset.  Immaculate with a housekeeper, you would stay in zany luxury. Please contact Bret on +1310 502 1143


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