Sunday, 26 February 2012


I keep reminding myself the pearls of wisdom Gizzy gave me a few years ago from Raja Yoga in London, for those not in the know, it is a Yoga for cultivating the brain.  Her words were this."Do not forget that what you are doing is what you are doing" So what I am doing is having an incredible time if I think about it.  I am hugely grateful to all those who are part of my life.  Tonight I dashed around, I wanted to stay put, but could not less I offend someone.
First I went to Focus Feature party at The Chateau Marmont, for their films and in particular I was kindly asked to go with Jack again to see his friend Gary Oldman and his wife Alexandra. She was beautifully dressed in a emerald green sequin dress by Dolce and Gabbana.  She looked ravishing.  I talked to Gary who I truly admire. He is down to earth and you would never believe he was up for an oscar tomorrow. He was so pleasant, relaxed and focused.  He was describing his dinner jacket tomorrow by Paul Smith,  it sounded  incredible with navy blue velvet piping.  His mother is going too, she is 92 and has a wonderful sense of humour. Three weeks ago I took her to lunch at Soho House where we talked about musicals and film. This woman was on the ball. Attractive and vital she was definitely the mother of one of our greatest living actors.

Then I went to Chanel and Charles Finch's party at the best Italian Restaurant in town. Medeo. I truly love chatting with Sidney his wife. Sadly it was too busy but there was Dustin Hoffman with all the beautiful people, Charles, always give a great party.  I was invited by Sydney his wife and sat talking with the charming Susan and Richard Young who was photographing everybody. I see them usually with Tracey Emin in London. Tracey gives good parties too, she knows how to entertain and is totally egalitarian.  If you are there, she loves you. I think this is a rare and beautiful characteristic.  We sat and commended her.   Leaving the Chanel party with a bottle of delicious Gardenia Scent I felt a  very lucky girl. So what I am doing is what I am doing. I am spraying myself as I slip my toes into delicious new sheets and know that I shall sleep well after reading Finch's Quarterly.

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Zoe Moon Astrology said...

Sounds like a great night Amanda, I love Gary too :) Hope to see you soon, will be out your way in the next few weeks! xo