Saturday, 25 February 2012


As The Artist sweeps the board we should all be asking ourselves, why?  This film  is black and white, an old fashioned story a la Norma Desmond, of course the other way round and silent. It has done  well as it was way above all the other films in so many ways. I am totally fed up with films like the Descendants and Hugo, there are some adults among us who want to be stimulated intellectually. What about a little variety next year, something quirky.   How many of the Academy saw or could sit through, In the land of blood and honey?  It was brilliant.  So  I will probably agree with the results. All the male actors are good but of course I have a soft spot for Gary Oldman and Tinker Tailor.  I actually loved it, slow and brown as it was, and Gary's performance was brilliant.  To follow in Alex Guinness's footsteps is a tall order, but I think everybody will agree he followed well.

This year is a lot quieter, although I have been out every night. The films reflect the crowd and in turn that changes the atmosphere.

I am going to Elton John's party with a girlfriend, my male friends all being away. It will give me the perfect freedom to have fun.  Nicky Haslam is staying the night and going to the Vanity Fair Party so we will be living the best of both worlds. You know I think that is the best method?. My dress is from Alexander McQueen's Spring 2012 collection. Plain and Simple.

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