Sunday, 5 February 2012


How come there isn't any money to make films that are good and well made?. Why is it that I had to watch Liam Neeson make complete fool of himself in one of the worst films ever made, The Greys.  It was manipulatively directed by Joe Carnahan and you never have any reprise or peace.  I can only assume that the producers that made this are educationally subnormal or they think people going to the cinema are below normal intelligence.  This film proclaims to give you an heart wrenching performance that deserves an award. Indeed Mr Neeson should get an award but not for this crap.  The studios clearly knew and dumped it in January on the compost heap of new films, so please give the audience all a break and make some decent movies.  I would have walked out within the first five minutes only my friend Jack was stuck in between some burly guys and could not see that I was hiding in another friends jacket, and moaning with despair and horror as I stared in disbelief at one of Britain's finest actors lowering his talent to make this terrible movie.  It all started with a lonely man in the depths of some drilling station in Alaska, he tries to go home and there is the inevitable aeroplane crash, and then some fake looking huge black hungry growling wolves need feeding regularly. The rest you can all imagine.
I would like to see Princess of Siberia being made, a wonderful novel about bravery in Siberia. How about it? What about casting him in that?
The next terrible film this year is Shame, which is meant to be a masterpiece and only shows us how debauched our society is without the brilliance of Clockwork Orange.  It was a shame and correctly named. A pity to have used the dishy Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan who up until now have made wise choices.
Why would we want to watch a blood bath and a man who can't be bothered to pick up a telephone when somebody clearly needs help.
The list goes on and on. With huge budgets and money spent like water.  This sort of rubbish impoverishes the human soul.
How can anyone dare nag Madonna whose film  WE is infinitely superior, in any case having seen twenty films in the last month I happy to take a break and go back to England and start all over again.

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