Monday, 20 February 2012


I have just been asked the most awkward of questions, in my girlie hour. at nine in the morning. The time when I sit and chat after yoga. I was asked how to deal with impotency? I agreed that this could be the most tricky thing is to deal with.  My girlfriend admitted to throwing her boyfriends out of bed and saying that she could not support someone with this problem. A little harsh you must agree?.
It is however, a  nightmare for all  parties involved, and for a man, they can feel inadequate and the woman that she is not sexy enough, causing break ups and misery .  It  happens in 80 percent of all couples at some stage of their sexual life.  Now, more than ever before, men and woman are feeling the pressure to be sexual. Women are looking better if they are taking care of themselves, and men, well the men are just a little behind. Too few won't use Botox and too few do enough exercise stay fit and slim.  Luckily in LA they are movement crazy, but what about the rest of the world?.
Women also forget that there is a male menopause, called the andropause, as well as a female one, and that they suffer the same anxieties, and are unable do little about it except consume anti depressants which in turn can also wreck your sex life. Depression is never good, it makes you lethargic, just that nowadays people like pills for everything.
Viagra should be the answer and are sold on street corners as well as on prescription. I once tried one and thought my heart was going to explode through my chest cavity. Never again it took three days to wear off.  There are also sprays and gels to help the ailing creature.  Injections that you put into the penis just before you enter  your loved one could be the answer but how does the poor man say " I am just going to the bathroom to prick my penis to give me an erection?"  Too embarrassing and too much for the woman. I think the only way round this is to be in your time and understand that your sexual life will likely come to an end, and that it will, if you are lucky, be with someone who loves you very much, and has the same problem at the same time.  There are few more incredible things than making love to someone you care about, that is true, but there are other things. Therefore kindness and loving someone deeply is the essential thing, religion too.
I am obviously not a doctor and cannot be held responsible for my opinion.

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