Sunday, 19 February 2012


I have known my friend Jack for about five years.  He has a surly look about him that is false.  He has style, panache and wears exclusive clothes from designers that few have heard of.  He is rare. Either love him or loathe him no one can deny his brilliant talent with the camera. Five years ago he spent three months photographing homeless people in down town LA.
His exhibition with Gary Oldman  and Paul Smith in Melrose starts the 24th February and here are a few of his favourite things and betes noires.

1. You will find him smoking  Gitanes with an expresso while       sunning his face outside a Los Angeles cafe.
2.  One of his best films is Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.
3.   His favourite designer is Paul Harnden.
4.   His one ambition is to take his brother to America.
5.   He likes to take photographs of people who have lived.
6.   He would like to see  his friend Gary Oldman win an Oscar.
7.   When asked about advice he said "I don't give it"
8.   Favourite camera is an Leica M2.
9.   He likes walking in the the shoes from Lobbs in St James's.
10. He likes to see women wearing Comme des Garcons.
11.  He likes the smells from Santa Maria Nouvello
12.  He likes to listen to John Coltrane, Love Supreme.
13.  His favourite film director is Sidney Lumet.
14.  He likes to eat Toro.
15.  Greed is the worst sin.
16.  His favourite poem is by Wilfred Owen, Dulce est decorum est, war poet.
17.  Play that he most enjoyed is Iceman Commeth.
18.  Life changing experience was meeting someone sober.
19.  Thank you to Paul Smith who has put on his exhibition.
20.  Dante la vita nouva favourite piece of classical music.

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donna trope said...

where IS JACK ENGLISH???? we were good mates 25 yrs ago in London!