Saturday, 4 February 2012


Los Angeles like all cities is steeped with history from the early Twentieth Century, it has always been the
end of the road and the beginning of a journey.  I feel as if I am on the edge of the world where the stakes are so high, it spirals out of control.  There are so many pretty girls looking squabbling over  the best steak. I became totally curious. Of course that and the weather.
I am looking for something culturally interesting and this town is incredible.  Yes, when you arrive you feel there is only Sunset Boulevard, big highways, malls and Starbucks but remember there was Norma Desmond and Charlie Chaplin and now there is Spielberg starring with George Clooney. As a person I am constantly searching, I have no idea what for, I am not depressed and I am not high or drunk, but I am searching.  I like to stretch my talents to see if they can expand. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I do not, I care about neither, it is the "doing" that interests me.
Here people have a burning ambition and they are not going to be beaten, me too.
This town is full of physics, wizards, healers, hookers, musicians, yogies, technicians, cements mixers, plastic surgeons, beauticians, actors, fake teeth, bad face jobs, AA meetings, lean bodies and tits.
All are looking and some succeed and some do not.  I love it, the trashy shops, fake hidden celebrity, and tattoo artists.
Last night I went to an AA meeting again. I was asked when I last drank.  I said I can count the number of times I have ever drunk in my life, I can also name the times I have taken any form of pharmaceutical drug.  I was given slimming pills when I was twelve by an overweight doctor who I persuaded to give them to me secretly. I was on and off them for years.  Luckily I find it easy to stop, I just stop.   There are however other areas that I find really tricky to deal with, and these meetings are the best to remind you feel that life is good. Plus I support some pals.

I am enjoying playing the game.

Day three of the diet with Kahja spa and I have now lost one kilo.  From 141.2 pounds to 139.6 pounds I am on my way to my usual weight of 133. Let's pray I get there. I am off to organise a tattoo this morning and can't wait.

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