Wednesday, 8 February 2012


After six days I have started to see my real shape and am back down to some figures I like to see on the scales.  I was told I was boring talking about it, but whether people like it or not, if I stay slim, I stay much healthier so the person concerned can really go and watch her own weight.

Back to the drama and Hollywood circus, Gary Oldman, 'the actors actor', took the stage at the Cinema yesterday to do a QA about Tinker Tailor.  This is a tricky film but funnily enough the more I have seen it the  more interesting it gets.  It is brilliantly shot and my only criticism is that there is not enough glamour.  I think the world of spying was somewhere between 007 and the film.  After all Kim Philby was a relatively unknown journalist who knew my father Anthony Cave Brown in 1963, Kim had a certain 'je ne sais quoi'. {which Gary does in a very quiet smouldering way} . My father and Kim were apparently great friends, both good looking and  beautifully dressed, as is by the way Gary in the film, definitely Saville Row, a little brown though.  They led daring and exciting lives outside England as journalists. Philby, a spy left his wife and became a General in Russia leaving all that was English behind.  The film makes it look all so ordinary on the surface, underneath you feel the temperature rising.
Photograph by JACK ENGLISH

Gary Oldman's performance is quite incredible as is Colin Firth's.  He is definitely simmering and will get to the top.  If he does not get an Oscar it will be a great pity, he should do, he has trampled the boards enough and shown to the world he has genius, give him the accolade.

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