Thursday, 16 February 2012


With fashion week at its end and going to the theatre twice since I arrived, I was hardly able to get a moments peace to write. Flying on Valentine Day proved to be good, flowers in London and chocolates in  New York, with compliments on the plane..
I do feel a little giddy as I am about to leave now. Tired and happy the two go well together.
I met my good friend Peter Medak here and had the fortune to be taken to see  Alan Rickman in a play called Seminar by Theresa Rebeck. I racy farce 'a l a restoration comedy' set in a smart up apartment. The hour and half was over too soon, I laughed all the way through. Excellent performances all round, Hettienne Park, Hamish Linklater, Alan Rickman, Lily Rabe and Jerry O'Connell.  There is something magical about theatre, this play was raunchy.  Afterwards I went for a delicious dinner at Bar Central with the brilliant Mr Rickman and director of great talent, Phelim McDermott who has just finished directing The Enchanted Island at the Met. I first loved Alan Rickman in Les Liasons Dangereuses which to this day has given me a love for anything he does and led me to study theatre.
A good start to the fashion shows which were slick and totally professional in a very American way. In the case of Tom Browne there was a theatricality, but they are not easily wearable.  As Michael Kors said "The fashion world is about the beautiful models, the celebrity and of course the clothes" he also said this is not a world for people with low energy and it was the world of rebirth and celebrating what is new.  All seemed a long way from the theatre, the worlds seem totally split, one about truth fake and another about fake truth.

The clever girls from Marchesa were however inspired by a painting called "A soul brought to heaven" by Bourguereau and this resulted in some dresses that looked like swans floating on clouds very pretty.


I do really miss the showmanship of European shows, Alexander Mcqueen, Gaultiers, and John Galliano's before his bad behaviour.
 I cannot nag the clothes because they were in the case of Ralph Lauren wearable and in gorgeous colours.  Cerise with black, top hats, chunky necklaces, tweeds with a hint of a cerise glove, a little panache to sparkle a classical cut, that Mr Lauren has perfected over the years. I understand why he is always reliable, everybody encourages him to be so.

Ralph Lauren

Mendel's show yesterday was the same, wonderful shapes, wearable clothes in this time bronzes, silvers and whites with lots of fur.  Good clothes for the red carpet or if you are a singer. I liked the A line dresses in black of course and immediately wanted to put my order in.

Last night I went to see the delicious and very charming Hugh Dancy, who I was lucky to meet backstage,  in Venus and Fur by David Ives.
Equally amusing with Nina Arianda astride Hugh in so many way.  The play is a word twisting orgie of seductive comedy and a must to any theatre lover.

Off now to fly .. I do not know where.

The painting that inspired the Marchesa brand.


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