Thursday, 9 February 2012


The flight to London was wonderful with British Airways, not only was I in incredible company and sitting with Nicky and Netty Mason, from Pink Floyd,  I  also watched Anonymous, a brilliant film about William Shakespeare questioning whether  he really wrote the plays and sonnets,or did The Earl of Oxford?.  I have always wondered about this possibility as he left no written scripts and seems to have had moments when he did not write at all.   Vanessa Redgrave made the point that it is impossible to write and act at the same time.  Her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth 1 was exceptional.  It would take a very intuitive and intelligent brain to have written so beautifully.  I love his sonnets and many of the plays, including the controversial play Titus Andronicus.
I  feel in heaven believe or not in the snow in London.  Freezing and happy.  Good to see  my friends and to go to some brilliant exhibitions especially featuring Lucien Freud's work,  Before he died I was lucky enough to have a birthday party in my house for him given by the imaginative Nicholas Haslam.  I spoke to Nicky last night and I have agreed that tummy buttons are very common as is gobbling down food at night.  I do love his wit.
I had a wonderful evening with the ravishing Trinny Woodall who is now filming the rest of the world and teaching them how to dress, and I sat with Jean Louis Sebagh who has yet more tricks to remain eternally beautiful.
I shall slip into his office tomorrow the back route and plonk myself in his chair to find out more.
In the meantime I am searching the internet to find out more about the Earl of Oxford and wish that Anonymous had be nominated a little more and some of the other drearier films a little less.

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