Friday, 3 February 2012


This morning I jumped on the scales and found I had lost just under a pound in one day. The food is totally delicious but it is my second day of dieting with Catherine  Vanazzi from Kahja Spa.  I feel terrible, but  am determined to keep to it this time. The food is delicious it is just that my will power works against me and I feel weak.  I managed to have a brilliant Yoga lesson with Eka and I felt energetic enough to walk down Melrose. I love Melrose it is so rock and roll, full of tattoo palours and little clothes shops. Quite trashy and totally fun. I found a newly opened shop called L'ecole Des Femmes, 8119 Melrose Avenue, run by a pretty girl from Paris called Laura Sfez, who designs clothes and brings them here. Truly adorable little dresses with white shirts, you feel you are walking down the high street in Boulevard St Germain singing numbers by Francoise Hardy.  I simply loved it. The mother and daughter were chatting in French and it made me want to jump on a plane to Paris immediately.   I love everything French, the Eurostar makes me feel truly happy.  The blog I enjoy that tells you all is French Essence. Laura adored my hair by Angela and make up by Tonya Crooks.  For once I was truly acknowledged as the fashion editor of Genlux Magazine and given a chiffon shirt and hat too.  My first gift that I have received in four years.
Tomorrow I am checking out tattoos I would love some roses to cover my scars.  I went into High Voltage tattoo belonging to Kat Von D.  Will dash in tomorrow. The girl who does those will be in.

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