Thursday, 5 January 2012


My play has started at the Macha Theatre and we are onto our second week with two good reviews under our belt.  I have been so busy that to write this blog I have to be awake in the middle of the night.  The theatre is rented out when we are not using it, to an acting class, and the  teacher wants to cut the strings of the picture frame which was delicately placed by Trip Haenisch whose ideas are followed throughout Los Angeles. Some people have no idea how treat other peoples property.
It is a new year so new promises. Tango lessons have started along with new vows.
I am starting a cleanse. Will it work and will I be able to stick to it.?  I am not as good at dieting as I used to be. This time I am trying out a new company. Pressedjuicery.  They do the same as Izo cleanze and deliver to the door at 7am in iced bags.  I hope it tastes a bit better.  Usually I want to break it about 3pm, but need to do this immediately.  Last week my gallstones hurt so much I thought I would pass out. I have to recover from the delicious food I consumed.
I shall attempt to jump on the scales, be horrified and yell at myself, "You must be thin".
Sometimes I look in the mirror and think "Why is thin meant to look good"? I like my roundness.
I have a nice layer of fat, it looks pretty in the mirror and feels good in the dark, then I say rubbish it looks terrible. These are  fights I shall have with myself.

Last night I went to see Spielberg's Warhorse.  Critics need to really think before they write. I was ready to hate it because of their vile words.  It is a moving tale and should be seen by everybody.  Beautiful acting and Joey the horse should be nominated for an Oscar, he gave a majestic performance. The two and half hours passed so quickly and  the photography took me into another world.  Another nomination should go to the dog in the Artist. Those two are in my opinion. this years best actors.

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