Wednesday, 18 January 2012


How can we allow this bill to pass in the US about freedom of speech. It could lead to disaster?. Last year I had a maniac who is now in prison write vile things about me on a blog, some were true some were untrue and just his opinion, which by the way was not his truth.  He had enjoyed eating and sharing Christmas with me, but he felt he could write it because it is freedom of speech.

I could therefore agree with this bill that would stop opinion but this is not good.  The only good thing was that it would stop people from illegally downloading their interests.  However, it is against democracy or what I think means democracy. It infringes freedom of expression and artistic sharing of ideas.  It  could be seriously bad news, even if it meant that I would legally be able to shut up some nutter?.

We must understand what is happening and then truly act.  It sounds like a dictatorship to me.. Let's have it truly discussed and explained?.

I am not political, I just like having a nice time  and a good time with friends sharing things.

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