Monday, 9 January 2012


Last night I went to a Week with Marilyn, after a day in the sun with my friend, the film director Peter Medak.  I was a bit disappointed with the film and I hate to say it. All you readers know that I love Marilyn with a passion and therefore would normally wish it well.  We know that Michelle Williams is not Marilyn but at some angles I was fooled at least.  The styling was correct, in fact everything looked correct but where was the cheeky wit and smile?.  I am sure the problem is weight?.  Marilyn was rounder and her breasts were larger, she was hugely sexy and she is a very hard act to follow. Marilyn has been  in the papers every day of her life and death, and her persona known to everyone.  I don't know what it was, I just did not believe either Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier, who is an incredible actor, or Michelle.  Something was lacking and perhaps these people are too hard to follow, after all the real persona Norma Jean and her studio made her into Marilyn Monroe?.
Alexandre Desplat composed the music, the composer of the moment.. he is just about everywhere, but he is unlikely to win an Oscar this year for Harry Potter, Ides of March or A week with Marilyn.  Unlikely I think because he has done so many better scores for film.  My favourites being for Lust Caution and Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I admire everything that Harvey Weinstein produces, he has incredible taste.  Am I was the only person who thoroughly enjoyed WE?.  The costumes were incredible but then I am also a fan of Wallis Simpson.  I like strong ballsy women and Madonna did a great job..

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