Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A little Marilyn and I miss Justine Glenton

Today Justine Glenton posted a small section of her work that she did for As I like it, I so miss her and the production, it made me homesick.  I did not prefer the production, it was just different and it was the start of something I worked on long ago.  I loved working with the team in Los Angeles too, I adore Elizabeth and Lisa, just I want to feel the rain on my face and my friends.

Today I went to see a documentary on Marilyn Monroe  made shortly after her death directed by Terry Terry Sanders, with unseen footage and photographs taken from a new book by Susan Bernard which were taken by her father Bruno Bernard.   It is fifty years since she died and every day she is in newspapers, on billboards and remembered.  Marilyn had a hellish childhood not surprising she killed herself.  The book and lecture gave another dimension that has  never been shown with such sensitivity  in "Intimate exposures".  No other woman on this earth has been so remembered and immortalised. This evening tried to unravel and understand what lay behind this myth. Did it succeed?  I am not sure anyone can understand why people love her so much.  My guess is she is what every woman wishes secretly to be, and what every man wishes his woman was. Marilyn was just Norma Jean, and acting a persona which I feel she could not live up to or cope with, who cares, she still created it, thank you.  A wonderful evening.

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