Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Last night I gave an intimate dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the wrapping of my play As I like it, it is always a weird feeling to end things, but good to move on. It was not easy to do anything in this town.  Underneath the smiling faces of fake teeth and  fake tans this is a thinking city.  I am grateful for the team I had, it was very tricky to translate  something very English and very me, it was either loathed or loved.  If one more person asks me to act I shall vomit,  I hate it.  I was only too happy to hand it over to Elizabeth Karr,  Charles Eliasch and Lisa Zane to act out my ideas under the direction of John Alan Simon. We all had a funny time last night and were singing along to a rather bolshy pianist in The Beverly Hills Hotel who forbid us from singing.. Good news though, the BHH has wonderful concierges who make up for pianists who lack my musical appreciation.

In any case I am now moving yet again so I have a lot to think about.  This morning I was packing up yet again and will not not allow anybody to put anything into drawers that is not meaningful.  There is always so much rubbish, receipts and old letters, change and odd bits of jewellery.

The house that  was owned by Penelope Cruz is now transformed by David Tamayo who kept to his word, I loved it before and I love it now.  I walked into the house and knew it was for me, and with my numerology adds up to 11.  Anywone who knows about numbers knows that is good luck so let's pray.

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