Sunday, 15 January 2012


My play, As I like it, closed today at the Macha Theatre in Hollywood directed by the successful critic, director and film lover, John Alan Simon.  The play has been full almost every night and the reviews interesting, both positive and negative, altogether a successful run and great exposure for Elizabeth Karr, Charlie Eliasch and Lisa Zane, directed by John Alan Simon.
People came up to me loving it, but of course it is not a play for men really unless they are a total fan of "Amanda".  They tend misunderstand it.  One nice couple came from San Diego, I was so happy to meet them, the wife was a reader of my blog.  The designer from Balmain arrived with Rushka Bergman, she looked magnificent with huge black glasses and a huge entourage of ten people.
I am changing the play so that the boy's part becomes the main part and the women support him.  I think it will be more interesting for my son, in any case I do this for him, and if I could I would buy the other son a football team.

I watched the globes with great eagerness as usual with a film producer and film director Peter Medak, much more fun than watching it uncomfortably in some hotel.
Of course I won a globe, I should have known that Michelle Williams was going to win by the mix up yesterday at the BAFTA tea party, when the paparazzi became excited and either mistook me for her or for Marilyn.  Anyway it was very funny and it is often done.  I go down the street in Paris, and men often sing Boop boop di boop.
Angelina Jolie looked  beautifully best dressed in a white satin dress with a slash of red round her shoulders.  Most women wore Zac Posen, Elle Macpherson and Kelly Osbourne, wow they looked good and I totally approve of almost everything he designs.

The Globes were more interesting tonight than normal and felt very international. The Artist, my favourite film this year won three awards, paving way for more creativity. Ludovic Bource, french composer won the globe for best score, he was witty and amusing as he spoke, no sign of Alexandre Desplat which was a pity, this town is quick to love the new. Jean Dujardin was named best actor for his performance as a silent movie actor, whose work dried up with the arrival of the talkies. Oh I do love the French.
The Descendants did well  with best film and actor going to the charismatic and elegant George Clooney who has just hit 50.

My word the 50 year olds are looking good these days. 

With Meryl Streep winning for her performance in the Iron Lady. Octavia Spencer was best supporting actress in the Help.
Madonna looked incredible, and I so loved her film, WE even though nobody else seemed to.
However the Globes don't give an accurate picture of what may happen in Oscar night, after all Social Network won the Globes and Kings Speech did best on Oscar Night.

Harvey Weinstein seemed brilliant as usual, he had a very successful night, with A week with Marilyn, The Artist, The Iron Lady, and he was called a God.  
Film Director, Peter Medak and Amanda Eliasch at the Art of Elysium

My house sale has been very successful full to the brim with people, ypee.


Barb said...

Amanda, I'm the lady from San Diego, and it was such a pleasure to meet you, and see your fascinating and very original play yesterday! You are an inspiration to creative women everywhere.

Thanks for the CD and a lovely afternoon!

triciabenitez said...

I adore you Amanda Eliasch and it was my pleasure to host your estate sale!

Tricia Beanum