Saturday, 14 January 2012

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NOMINATIONS... A walk on the BAFTA tea party red carpet.

I love Hollywood, I walked down the red carpet at the BAFTA tea party to flashing cameras and boys saying "Congratulations  on your nominations and your brilliant performance" Needless to say it has taken me at least two hours to realise that the photographers thought I was Michelle Williams. Actually I have been assured that I would make a brilliant Marilyn on several occasions, once with the stylist Rushka Bergman who transformed me into her, and another time with Isabella Blow for Tatler Magazine, and now it has  been proved, signed and seeled..  This is all nonsense but happy nonsense. Michelle Williams is 30ish and I am 49ish ish. So I am very thrilled. The award week end has been fun so far and I shall be clearly collecting my Globe on Sunday.

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