Saturday, 28 January 2012


Couture week in Paris, I was in Los Angeles moving and shoving, however I did notice that again one of my favourite designers, Jean Paul Gaultier caused a fuss.  His catwalk was filled with look a likes of Amy Winehouse who was perhaps one of the most iconic singers to hit the boards in the past few years.  It is definitely preferable to Beth Ditto who he has also previously applauded.  Both however were not healthy and definitely not wise.  Is it stupid and a bad example to young impressionable people?  No, just that these two woman have influenced his style that season.  Fashion designers are doing so many collections a year that they need to grab at straws and attention seeking headlines to get noticed, and in turn for people, like me to write about them and put them onto our fashion pages. After all, fashion is a multi million dollar business.
I actually loved his take on Amy's look, corsets, multi coloured wigs matching the clothes, beautiful hats by one of the most talented hat makers, Victoria Grant, tight tight skirts. I certainly bought very little  from the collection inspired by Beth.  Sadly being very overweight, even if it is attractive, as it is in Beth's case, is not good for your health as we all know, and neither is taking drugs.
This collection was far more interesting than the rest.  Jean Paul Gaultier is in Show business and without the masters, John Galliano and Alexander Mcqueen, we so need attractive flamboyance in this very repetitive business of clothes which is so meaningless yet so joyful too.

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